Savior Pastoral Center Exhibit Space Opens With Jason Jenicke

by Catholic Fine Arts Council Staff

Oil paintings by Kentucky artist Jason Jenicke were the first featured at an exhibit in the spring of 2011 at a new exhibit space developed on behalf of the Catholic Fine Arts Council by Tim Chik, Director of the Savior Pastoral Center, 12601 Parallel Parkway, Kansas City, Kansas.

“Jason Jenicke’s work is a perfect example of an artist who uses his talents to glorify God and to pass on the faith,” said Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann.

Originally from Kansas City, Kans., Jenicke earned a BFA from KU in 2001 where he became involved at the Saint Lawrence Catholic Campus Center, attending daily mass and classes to deepen his knowledge and understanding of Catholicism.

“As my faith grew so did my zeal for doing God’s will and using my art to best serve our Lord,” Jenicke said. “I certainly realize that the beauty created by human hands cannot compare to the beauty of God; yet, it is still a prayer of mine that my art will help lead others to a deeper love for the Lord.

“Since 2001 my mission has been to continue using my talents to create art that helps draw others to a more personal relationship with God. Before each piece of art that I do, I study what I am depicting to help capture the emotion, the culture and the feel of that event. I pray and keep faith that our Lord will continue to guide me and the talents that He has given me to help glorify Him and His son.”